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A dream is so beautiful when it's pursued.


Hussein Smko survived five wars in his lifetime. His journey with dance started when he was nine years old during his forth war experience. He saw Hip Hop for the first time from an American soldier stationed in the capital of Kurdistan in the city of Erbil in northern Iraq in 2003. From then on, he had taught himself breakdancing, house, capoeira, theater dance, acting, singing, Martial Arts, and gymnastics, all without formal training. He then went on and founded the first Hip Hop group in Kurdistan, Street Wolfs, which led a revolution in the city of Erbil at age 13. In 2013, Hussein choreographed and created his first contemporary dance group, First Step Crew, where they performed at the Rawanga Awards in Kurdistan.


Photo by Andrew Dey


His art brought him to the United States in 2013. His works represent three things: War, Politics and Religion; where he finds his way to his spirituality. His film “Alone With Hussein” by Home Alone Studios was premiered alongside the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 in New York City. Hussein has also taught master classes in New York City Public Schools, Fort Wayne Indiana and University of Southern California Los Angeles through Battery Dance Company, as well as in Kurdistan.



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